Pioneering medical technology

By making its own innovative technology available, DUALIS offers you an ideal addition to its wide range of services. This allows us to help you with your development in a way which is even more individual and future-orientated. Depending on your requirements, our technological solutions can be combined seamlessly with your development and expand the spectrum for implementation and development without any complications.

A playground for vision: wireless energy and charging technology

The DUALIS wireless technology uses the principle of inductive coupling which makes it possible to wirelessly transfer energy to a wide variety of electronic devices. The advantage of this is that the transfer of energy is incredibly efficient and reliable and the user does not need to be facing the energy source directly.

What does that mean for you? A whole new variety of implementation possibilities and a new, extremely diverse marketing angle! Let your vision run wild: DUALIS wireless technology is not only suitable in the field of medical technology, such as for wireless operation of active implants, it can also be used anywhere where everyday "things" need to be charged or data needs to be transferred - from electric cars, e-bikes, laptops, mobile phones and household appliances to toys and sporting equipment, the possibilities are endless!

The modular construction makes it possible to adapt and integrate the technology for a wide range of uses. In addition to the supply of energy, DUALIS also offers the possibility of parallel data transfer. To do this, various safe RF communication technology is used, depending on the intended purpose.

Area of application: Medical technology

All types of implant>> Microwatt: implantable sensors, Diagnostik- EEG, EKG, EMG diagnostics, Myoelectric Prosthetics, retina implants, pacemakers, implantable defibrillators,
>> Milliwatt: cochlea implants, muscle stimulation, neuro stimulation, drug pumps
>> Watt: artificial heart systems, sphinkter systems, artificial kidneys, artificial pancreas
Advantage: patients have more freedom
Operating theatre equipment and surgical instrumentse.g. surgical devices, surgical lamps, devices for intensive care units
e.g. wireless endoscopes, high frequency scalpels
Advantage: easy to sterilise, no cabels, convenient handling in operating

Let your vision unfold together with us and decide hand in hand with our experts which market and product requirements need to be met. We accompany your from the idea and concept stages through the prototype stage and the transition to production, right up trough certification. Based on custom development, we adapt our wireless energy and charging technology to meet your requirements exactly. In addition, DUALIS has a range of testing facilities in this area which we also adapt to suit your individual needs.