We have thought of everything: Special pumps and drive technology

Depending on the medium and where they are to be used, pumps have very special requirements. Factors such as the choice of material, the texture of the surface, the fluid's shear stress, how it will be washed, dynamic pressure and flow conditions and the nature of cavitation require sophisticated cooperation between the drive, mounting and flow dynamics which are specific to pumps. DUALIS guarantees this cooperation through the use of its range of different technology and its extensive knowledge.


The drive for a pump can be created in a wide variety of ways depending on the pump concept and the requirements. The efficiency and the related rise in temperature of the drive also play a role. Here DUALIS offers two different pump concepts and can adapt them to your individual requirements.

  • Rotary pumps (axial, half-axial and rotary pumps) are mostly powered by an electromagnetic drive which is integrated directly into the rotor or a shaft which leads outwards.
  • Displacement pumps are usually powered hydraulically or pneumatically.

When developing a rotary pump, the way in which the rotor is mounted plays a crucial role. We help you to adapt your development in the best possible way to create the desired profile - either through plain bearings (e.g. spring loaded bearing), hydrodynamically or magnetically.

  • The advantage of hydrodynamic and magnetic bearings is that they are more or less wear-free as the rotor floats in the casing without touching anything.
  • With regards to the stiffness of bearings, during development we make sure that the whole system has the best possible natural frequency.
Flow dynamics

The same thing applies to all pumps: the pump's flow dynamics must be planned during development and then analysed using a real model. Important criteria include, among others, pump performance, efficiency, shear stress on the fluid and how it will be washed. DUALIS supports you with this throughout the entire process.

Areas of use

The areas where special pumps can be used are as diverse as their development possibilities. The range of use covers everything from medical technology, ventricular assist devices (VAD) and blood pumps to the chemical and food industries. Special pumps can be used to deliver aggressive fluids which are prone to shearing, or other special fluids, and meet the demands for special materials and washing methods, a crucial factor, especially in the food industry.

Testing facilities

1. Pump testing facility
Whether you want to determine characteristics of a pump, simulate dynamic pressure and fluid relationships or analyse cavity and vibration characteristics, DUALIS offers you adaptable pump testing facilities which are controlled by LabView software.

Our pump testing facilities deliver exact results and flexible possibilities for testing, whether you want to test water solutions, blood replacement fluids or silicone oils. Our testing facilities are highly adaptable and allow inlet and outlet controlled by a control circuit, a highly precise measurement of flow and a complex preparation of fluids to avoid micro bubbles going in.

2. Flow visualisation
Do you need a flow analysis of pump membranes during a pump cycle, do you need to identify areas which have been washed badly or do you need to find out how you can optimise flow? DUALIS will deliver you the necessary testing facilities - with a flow visualisation with birefringent fluid or an optical analysis of the shear stress in the fluid flow.

3. Motor testing facilities
In order to characterise small drives and to optimise commutation, DUALIS offers you a motor testing facility for the number of revolutions and for flexible commutation options and analysis of efficiency.

4. VAD testing facilities
Whether you need testing facilities for long-term tests, a pressure analysis under physiological conditions or an alternative to expensive tests with real blood, you will find everything you need at DUALIS; mock loop testing facilities for simulating physiological pressure relationships for pulsatile VAD systems and facilities for testing sheer stress in order to analyse the sheer stress of the fluid which is to be transported.

5. Vibration analysis
DUALIS supports you in the analysis of bearing stiffness and natural frequencies, as well identifying imbalances and analysing cavities. Our vibration analysis works for acceleration of up to 100g and frequencies of up to 20kHz.