Perfect down to the last detail.

Whether it's for pacemakers or for electronic components in medical technology, for sealing porous surfaces and finishing car interiors or for improving the thermal conductivity and insulation of inductors and cables:

Thanks to its innovative production processes, DUALIS offers you a wide variety of possibilities to coat components or to produce thinly walled membranes (0.05 - 1mm) which cannot be done by injection moulding or to seal rough surfaces. DUALIS' particular strength lies in its experience with bio-compatible coating materials.

Our coatings are often applied using a dipping method. We design and manufacture the appropriate dipping moulds for you. The dipping movements are then specifically programmed and all further steps of the process are planned exactly; from the drying method and the finish to removing products from the mould. In the final stage, quality control and functionality tests ensure that the quality meets necessary standards. We use 6-axle industrial robots which can hold a load of 3kg and can repeat processes with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

Your benefits:

Your product is precise and can be reproduced flawlessly - the thickness of the layer can be measured to an accuracy of 10 micrometers. Depending on the coating, we can also reduce or increase friction as requested. Your main benefit, however, is from the wide production flexibility, as the most varied shapes are possible, meaning that the process is ideal for prototypes and small batches.