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It is not a coincidence that medical technology is one of the most popular branches for investment. Technology for the future, high power of innovation and the possibility of transfer to other branches create a perfect infrastructure for business and science. As a renowned product developer, DUALIS offers you three exciting investment opportunities.

An increase in quality of life: the implantable sphincter

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies (EMFT), DUALIS is working on the development of an implantable sphincter - an artificial sphincter muscle for patients who suffer from urinary incontinence, which is used in the urinary and anal areas but can also be used for penis implants.

Components of the implantable sphincter:
An artificial sphincter muscle (cuff), a reservoir, an electronic pump device and a valve. Due to its automatic adjustment to pressure and the use of patent pending DUALIS technology, such as wireless energy and data transfer, tissue damage and infection caused by wiring are avoided and the number of operations to insert replacements is minimised.

The benefits:

  • The urethra closes and opens quickly
  • Easy to use due to the telemetric control device
  • Better mobility for the patient due to the implantable battery
  • The closing pressure of the cuff constantly and automatically adjusts to the pressure in the urinary system
  • Completely implantable due to the small size of the system and wireless energy supply
  • Uses a low amount of energy 

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