Minimises risks: the new artificial heart system

In order to better meet the high international demand for donor organs for heart transplants in the future, DUALIS and the DLR have developed a novel, mechanical ventricular assist device for use whilst a patient is on the waiting list, the so-called artificial heart system.

What is special about this system is that the drive technology for the artificial heart is based on a development from lightweight robots in the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR, German Centre for Aeronautics and Aerospace). The electrohydraulic drive is equipped with special high-power motors which set new standards for optimised - and therefore beneficial - transportation of blood with regards to miniaturisation, easiness and durability.

The benefits:

  • Support on both sides - both the right and left ventricles
  • Pumping chambers with optimised flow can be filled and emptied in a way which is gentle on the blood
  • Driveline infections in patients are avoided due to the fully implantable, wireless energy and data transfer system

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