DUALIS – Ready for ideas

We know the market, we listen, we think alike and we develop - this is how we create technological innovations for the future in close consultation with our customers. This results in products which are orientated exactly around your company and your purpose. Thanks to our knowledge, DUALIS provides you with two safe bets: we do not only ensure that your vision is successfully turned into a reality, we also offer you a certification service so that you can bring your products to market quickly.

Innovation which inspires.

DUALIS develops innovative solutions for medical technology and industry.Our high capacity for innovation allows us to make great leaps in terms of time and development which, in light of growing competition, is especially important for the future of your company. We make these leaps in development available to you and help you to develop modern technology quickly and to benefit from the advantages of the products.

Efficiency which pays off.

Are you looking for opportunities and methods to reduce your development costs? Then DUALIS is the right partner. In addition to clear concepts and professional support, we also offer professional workflows, efficient processes and high quality equipment which we upgrade regularly. This reduces expenditure to a minimum and saves money as well as time, critical criteria for the financial viability of your project!

Employees who are writing the future.

German Aerospace employee's knowledge is our most valuable asset. Continuous further training for our employees plays a key role in our company and distinguishes us from our competitors. We regularly expand our knowledge through seminars and training courses. The increasing number of training certificates earned by our employees are proof of the high expectations which we have of ourselves. This brings additional value which we pass directly on to our customers and partners.

Quality which leaves nothing to chance.

Nowhere is quality more important than in the development of new products. This is why all products and technology at DUALIS are subjected to extensive testing and quality control and are developed and produced in accordance with the appropriate standards so that they can be certified as products with the required technical documentation. We are also happy to provide proof of this in black and white: our company is certified according to the EN ISO 13485:2016  standard and guarantees the highest quality standards and therefore maximum safety.